Verona, August 30, 2023 – Countdown to the second edition of ASICS TRAIL DELLE MURA, the urban trail organized by Verona Marathon Team and kicking off Saturday, Sept. 2, at 8:30 p.m. in front of the Basilica of San Zeno, the city’s patron saint. A 17-kilometer route with a positive elevation gain of about 400 meters. An exciting challenge that will wind its way through the streets of the historic center, the many iconic sites, the Adige River, along the Torricelle hills. A combination of history and sport concentrated in an itinerary with paved roads alternating with dirt stretches, steps and paths.

The number of participants exceeded 450 but many registrations are also expected on race day by 7 p.m. (one hour before the start). Optimism is expressed from the organization about the possibility of breaking the record of the last edition, when more than four hundred trail enthusiasts gathered in front of San Zeno.

During the trial run conducted by two teams of trail runners from Verona, Sterrato and MalMaturi, the following was presented the technical T-shirt, produced by Asics, the event’s title sponsor, which will be given to all entrants along with the medal minted for the occasion by Dalmas, a unique collectible on which the city’s skyline stands out.

The route fully reflects what are the characteristics of an urban trail: the first part a couple of kilometers long, drawn within the historic center, starting from the Basilica of San Zeno, crossing Castelvecchio and its bridge over the Adige River and ending in San Giorgio in Braida. The second part will take competitors first through Austrian lasagna, paved with cobblestones and stones with rather steep sections. A descent among the olive trees in Valpantena towards Quinto will take runners over the Castellana and then down to the Don Calabria opera house and back up inside the beautiful Parco delle Mura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the third part of the route, having reached the foot of the imposing Austrian ramparts, a long descent will begin, down to the steps from Castel San Pietro down to the Adige River. In the fourth and final part of the route, the lights of the city reflected on the river will accompany to the magical San Zeno Square.

“Analyzing the registration data,” comments Matteo Bortolaso, public relations manager for the event, “a few interesting numbers jump out at you: for one thing, women are a quarter of the total number of registered participants; moreover, only a third of the participants are residents of Verona. It means that this event is increasingly tinged with a significant pink color, and that it attracts fans, athletes and their companions, also because of the possibility of spending a different Saturday night in Verona, discovering (or rediscovering) a unique city. I would add that the average age is 43, that the youngest competitor is 22 years old, and that as many as five over-70s will take the start, in the sign of running that is discovery and certainty of quality of life.”.

“I would like to thank those who support our project,” Bortolaso added. “We have been granted valuable infrastructural resources such as the lighting of San Zeno square and the parking lot of the Riva barracks in Villasanta, also to reduce the impact on residents. Ours is a decentralized event, outside the historic center, involving a neighborhood full of life even in the evenings: the three adjoining squares, San Zeno, Corrubbio, and Pozza, host more than 40 public establishments with ample outdoor spaces, and a full gastronomic offering.”.

The event is included in the national calendar of the Italian Athletics Federation. Meet from 3 p.m. Saturday, September 2, 2023 at San Zeno Square, departure 8:30 p.m. from San Zeno Square.Full regulations here:

Cost of registration on the day of the race 35 euros.